Welcome to the Remote Learning page for the
Remote Learning for week beginning 11.01.21
 Suggested daily timetable
This term we will be learning the story called 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.  Please look at the picture of the front cover.  Talk with your child about what it might be about. 
After, listen to the story together (using the link below) and ask your child to draw a picture and write some words about something that happened in the story.
Phonics Play are offering their resources for free during this lockdown.  You do not need to sign up for an account but can use these details to login:
Username: jan21
Password: home
There are some suggested links below or you can explore the website with your child, using the Phase 1 and Phase 2 pages.
Remember you can also use your child's 'Education City' login.
This week we will play some games to practise recognising numbers up to 50.  We will also practise counting with these numbers.
 Sensory Breaks
Try to have at least two sensory breaks each day. 
Here are two ideas for this week:
  • Play “wrecking ball” – the adult stands very still like a statue and your child tries to push you over (resist falling for about 10-20 seconds).

  • Pretend that you are both animals and incorporate animal walks (bear walk, crab walk, frog hopping etc.) into the game.
Communication and Interaction
Can you find a box or use some cushions and pillows to make a rocket like the bear in 'Whatever Next' does.  Maybe you could find some objects from around the house to be buttons on a control panel or a radio. 
Play in the rocket together, remember to count down to blast off!  
Fine Motor
This week please encourage your child to draw a picture as a kind gift for somebody else in your family. Support them to write their name on it so that the person they send it to knows who it is from. 
Play 'Ball Walk' together.  Find a ball or roll up some socks into a ball shape and take it for a walk around your body.   Ask your child to walk the ball up and down a leg with the fingers and thumb. Walking the ball down actually takes more control!  You can ask your child to walk the ball up one leg, across the tummy and down the other side.