Year 4

Year 4 daily learning will appear here in the event of the school closing.
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Good Morning Year 4

Well done for all your efforts - who would have thought that you would have been 'working from home' for the summer term. This is the final week of learning...

Monday 13th July - Friday 17th July.

Check out the CHALLENGE tab - why not learn a new language - for free! We would love to know if you have started this. Why not send us a video on seesaw of your first words.



TTRS  Have you reached a new rock level? We have been challenged to battle Y3 on Wednesday. Are you ready to win?

White Rose Year 4 Summer WEEK 11 (w/c 6th July)

The video links are attached below as a pdf but can still be accessed daily from the WR page  

*Complete the daily worksheets attached as before.

Monday - Identify angles AND practise TTRS

Tuesday - Compare and order angles AND practise TTRS

Wednesday - Triangles AND TTRS 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS v Y3' - 8.30am-4pm - the decider!

Thursday - Quadrilaterals

Friday - Mathletics tasks REMEMBER - as it is a new topic this week, then you MUST start with the task 'Are you Ready?'.

PLEASE NOTE: We have assigned the remaining tasks for the year. You will have until the 27th July to finish the Y4 work.



Monday - Writing expanded noun phrases 

Tuesday - Past tense verbs and verb families 

Wednesday - Identifying when to use pronouns 

Thursday - Adding description using adverbs and adverbial phrases 

Friday - Using apostrophes to combine words


Read for at least 20 minutes each day and don’t forget to take a quiz on your book when you finish the link you will need is 

Don’t forget to check whether you have any vocabulary quizzes to take on your books too.


To use the various different ways we have suggested for you to learn your spellings during the week and then get an adult to test you on them on a Friday. 

This week we would like you to choose any from the list that you feel that you need to practice more (word list is attached below)


Monday - You are the Prime Minister Lesson 1

Tuesday - You are the Prime Minister. Lesson 2 7ff53d

Wednesday -  Wellbeing Wednesday 

Thursday - Have a go at this lesson and then film your performance for SeeSaw.

 Friday - This lesson follows on from last weeks map work lessons



Staying Active: Here are some suggestions for how you can stay active this week: 

Joe Wick’s workouts (Monday)

Just Dance (Tuesday)

Kung Fu Fighting

Yoga (Wellbeing Wednesday)

Moana ‘A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!’

Just Dance (Friday)

Pac Man


Take care and have a great summer holiday!

Mrs McCarthy, Miss Osborne, Mrs Potter and Mr Poustie